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Linda Scott - also known as The Bubble Writer - is an all-round letters nut. 

She is an artist obsessed with words and typography. Her hand drawn images are instantly recognisable as nostalgic nods to 70’s peace and love, school exercise book graffiti, flower power, 60’s Californian surf culture and political posters and will strike a chord with anyone with a taste for super-cool typography. She takes her inspiration from anything printed such as old record sleeves, book jackets, posters and stickers and is a huge collector of retro typographic paraphernalia.

Linda has 20 years experience in the creative industry writing and illustrating children’s books, exhibiting her work, collaborating with a host of creative partners, producing fashion and T-shirt graphics, badges, fonts, murals, neon lights and anything at all that captures her heart and imagination.

She lives and works in London ; )


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